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Personal Property

Making a donation of tangible personal property can be an excellent way to receive a tax benefit, dispose of property that is expensive to insure or maintain, and support UNC Charlotte.

Artwork, collections, antiques, stamp and coin collections, and other personal property can make a great charitable gift today or after your lifetime. Financial benefits for a gift of personal property depend on if UNC Charlotte can use the property in a way that is related to our mission.

Related use property, such as a piece of artwork donated to Special Collections, may be deductible at the piece's fair market value as determined by an independent appraisal. The deduction for property that is deemed non-related use property may be limited to the lesser of fair market value or your tax basis in the property.

If the federal income tax charitable deduction claimed for a gift of personal property exceeds $5,000, you will be required to obtain an appraisal from a qualified appraiser and complete IRS Form 8283.

Gifts of personal property will need to be reviewed and approved by the University's Gift Acceptance Committee. If you are considering a gift of tangible personal property, please contact us.