Learn about ways to support UNC Charlotte that work for you and your loved ones.
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Learn About Wills and Bequests

What are the benefits of making a bequest?

Bequests provide flexibility in that they allow you to make a gift now by including a provision in your will or trust while preserving the right to make changes at any time in the future should your circumstances change.

There are also potential tax benefits by including a bequest in your will or trust, which may allow you to make a more significant gift to UNC Charlotte from your estate while still taking care of family and loved ones.

If you choose to include UNC Charlotte in your will or trust, please let us know so we can thank you and recognize your generosity in the Bonnie E. Cone Society.

How can I learn more?

How do I make a bequest?

A bequest is one of the easiest and most flexible gifts to make. With the help of an advisor, you can include language in your will or trust specifying a gift be made to UNC Charlotte as part of your estate plan.

What are my options?

A bequest can be made in several ways:
  1. You can gift a specific dollar amount or asset
  2. You can gift a percentage of your estate
  3. You can gift from the balance or residue of your estate
  4. You can make a beneficiary designation of certain assets

How do I get started?